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2015 Western Star

Ryder Fluid Solutions Inc is also proud to announce our new addition to the fleet, 2015 Western Star Tri-tractor and Fiberglass Tri-trailer, it can haul up to 30m3 of 15% HCL legally.


Both units have a very special, one of a kind patent pending safety device, exclusive only to Ryder Fluid Solutions Inc. It is a 3” safety valve that connects directly to the 400 barrel swage and can be remotely operated easily, and quickly, at the operators controls. This patent pending safety device defaults to the closed position in the event of an interruption of the air supply of the valve, ensuring very minimal harm to the workers in the hot zone and to the environment. If, in the unfortunate event that there is a rupture in the product hose, the operator can remotely close the safety valve within seconds to shut in the 400 barrel.

We also have a 2” safety air actuated valve that hooks directly to the Frac pump. To eliminate any personnel in the hot zone and is remotely operated from the operators panel inside the cab. This patent pending safety device also defaults to the closed position, in the event of the line being disconnected for absolute minimal worker or environment harm.

2014 Western Star Tri-Axle

Our new 2014 Western Star Tri-Axle Acid/Shower combo not only hauls acid but also protects workers onsite in the event of harmful chemical releases. This owner operated unit is in top shape and will continue to stay on top in performance. We take pride in our customer service, work ethic, cleanliness, and maintenance.


Equipment Specifications:

  • This Fiberglass tri-axple unit can haul up to 12m3 of fluid

  • Fiberglass Quad wagon 18m3. 30m3 of 15%HCL or 30m3 of 28%HCL Legal weights

  • Plumbing is designed with a bypass to enable chemical batching from the truck

  • Tri-plex  pressure pump, enables pumping fluids directly down hole 

  • Composite hoses are tested, banded and certified

  • State of the art digital gauges for accurate load levels (hydraulic overflow shut off)

  • Plumbing is stainless steel and fiber glass

  • Truck tank has two compartments enabling for 2 acid blends

  • Equipped with hydraulic overflow shut down to ensure zero spill

  • 3 inch metal hydraulic driven gear pump

  • Two man ANSI approved shower heads, eyewash stations and mid body drench hoses

  • Fully enclosed heated shower compartment on both sides





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