Both units have a very special, one of a kind patent pending safety device, exclusive only to Ryder Fluid Solutions Inc.  It is a 3” safety valve that connects directly to the 400 barrel swage and can be remotely operated easily, and quickly, at the operators controls. This patent pending safety device defaults to the closed position in the event of an interruption of the air supply of the valve, ensuring very minimal harm to the workers in the hot zone and to the environment.  In the event that there is a rupture in the product hose, the operator can remotely close the safety valve within seconds to shut in the 400 barrel.

We also have a 2” safety air actuated valve that hooks directly to the Frac pump. To eliminate any personnel in the hot zone and is remotely operated from the operators panel inside the cab. This patent pending safety device also defaults to the closed position, in the event of the line being disconnected for absolute minimal operator and/or environment harm.


The shower is built on the body job and is enclosed in a heated compartment.  It is a 2 person shower (one on each side) unit with 2 eyewash stations and bodywash hoses, It is primarily built for the operators safety but will accommodate anyone in the event of an incident.

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